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40 years of being a Zydan! (24th July 2015)

“I believe that it is not the number of years of working life that matter, but the life that you add to your work that guides one’s pursuit of excellence. I started my career with this company and today as I celebrate my 40th work anniversary, I feel that I have had the most enriching professional journey. To make each day meaningful, to guide, to mentor, to keep evolving and to be constantly on the path of excellence has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in this journey.”

Our Hiring Process

Dear Applicant,

Thanks for exploring this opportunity. At Zydus, we aim to make the process transparent and simple for you. Here are the next steps that we request you to follow :
» Start by sharing your profile with us and creating ‘MyPage’ to register yourself.
» You get a unique ID that registers you on our database. This will help you access a wide spectrum of jobs in the company that we are sourcing for. We also register you for our job updates and corporate news.
» We shall match your profile with the jobs based on the information like experience, skill-sets etc that you provide. Please keep visiting “MyPage” to keep your profile updated so we can suggest the best jobs to you.
» If you are interested in applying for any of our vacancies, please fill in our online application form and submit it .

Once we receive your application our team will screen and shortlist your CV. We will send you a mailer to set up an initial interaction with one of our team members.

Depending on the level that you are applying for, an online assessment link will be sent to you through our Zydus Centre for Excellence.

Assessment centers are an opportunity to shine and discover yourself. All over the world they are considered to be the fairest and most accurate method of recruiting talent. Why? Because you get a chance to see what you can do, explore your motives, potential and behavior that influences your performance in a variety of situations. At the Zydus Centre for Excellence, you will be assessed for your domain expertise (for certain levels), aptitude, behavioral competencies through psychometric analysis and competency based interviews. We are looking to see how you relate to, compare with and connect with Zydus Neev – Our Competency Framework.

Your responses and scores will be reviewed by a panel trained in Behavioural Event Interviews (BEI) and Competency Based Interviews (CBI). We wish you all the best!

Interviews are the next stage and this could be through skype, telecon or a one-to-one interaction depending on the position that you have applied for. There could be 1 to 3 rounds of interviews if needed as we would like to understand your skills and capabilities in greater detail. This is also an opportunity for us to help you get an understanding of our unique culture, values and endless opportunities. Enduring relationships are all about good fitments.


Your selection is confirmed through our offer letter. We look forward to welcoming you at Zydus, where you will work and grow alongwith a highly talented team, face new and exciting challenges. This is a place where you will learn, perform, succeed and grow. We shall also acquaint you at this stage with an extract of our employee policies so that you have a good flavor of the working environment.

The D-day is here! Your journey at Zydus begins. Our team will induct you and help you settle in. Right from introducing you to your colleagues, familarising you with our policies and connecting you with your extended family and support group at Zydus, your ‘Buddy’ will take care of it all. So be ready for an exciting, event-filled week ahead. You shall also be given your 90 days plan, detailed JD and undergo a structured induction process to help you settle down. Welcome aboard!

As a Zydan we wish you the very best and look forward to a long standing association. If you need any assistance, do get in touch with the locational HR team who would be happy to support you. At Zydus, we build people to build our business.

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